Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eastern Wild Turkey In Winter:

Eastern Wild Turkey: Canon 40D 500mmF4

In our area, wildlife sightings usually increase toward the end of January as the animals and game birds lose some of their fear of humans since most of the hunting seasons are over.
Food also is harder to come by at this time of year and wildlife spends a greater portion of the day searching for it and they look for it in areas where they are more easily visible.

In this case a small flock of turkeys came into my observation area. One spent ten minutes or so standing on a branch and eating something that was in the tree top. I could not tell what it was eating, but it must have been remnants of seed pods or berries.

I took a large amount of video with the Canon XL-H1 with 35-350mm lens. At one point I left it run unattended and took a series of shots with the 500mm and 40D which was mounted on a tripod and standing beside the camcorder. As luck would have it, I happened to capture the moment that the turkey jumped for the ground.

It then joined other birds in feeding on weed seeds.


Kerri said...

Perfect Capture of the turkey "during takeoff"
hee hee hee!
It is amazing how those guys blend in with their environment so well! Neat shot!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Great Capture Willard
At first I thought it was a hawk..

Misty Dawn said...

Great capture! I've been stalking a hawk that I want to get a picture of.

imac said...

What a great capture Willard.

Have you photographed the tree people like me?

lv2scpbk said...

Nice capture in flight.

Salty said...

Good "long range" shot Willard. That 500 really kicks!!!

Marvin said...

Great action capture of what can often be an elusive bird. How something that large can simple disappear in the woods is something I've never figured out.

(Thanks for visiting and commenting.)

ASH's Eye said...

Wow! Looks like he's jumping off a diving board :)

Anonymous said...

cool action shot,..

Check out a couple of my trail cam pictures of turkey!