Sunday, January 27, 2008

One-Legged Turkey Gobbler!

No- Not Really!

Mature Gobbler: Canon 40-D: 500mm F4

The Eastern Wild Turkey is one of the most skittish wildlife species. They ordinarily react immediately to any perceived threat, and vanish at the slightest motion or unusual object in their territory.

It is truly a pleasure to record and photograph these magnificent birds. While the head may be less than attractive in certain poses, it can be quite impressive during the mating season as it changes colors in rapid succession.

Their feathers have an iridescent hue when the sunlight strikes them at the correct angle. All in all they are a magnificent bird and worthy of the utmost respect. Benjamin Franklin, recommended that this bird be adopted as the national symbol, but the Eagle was selected instead.

Someone who truly understands these birds does not use the slang phrase, "(he,she, it, etc.) was a real turkey" to describe something or someone in derogatory terms.

This particular bird does have two legs, but has the one drawn against his body for some reason-possibly to warm it as it was a cold morning.


imac said...

well I'll be
Smashing photo and story Willard.

Still wanna swap camera and lens haha.

Kerri said...

I love to see turkeys! I photographed a group of them this fall. Very neat birds! And I love that you got him with his "leg up". I thought they did that sometimes as a "resting" pose too, although I could be wrong.


Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for the scoop. This bird certainly is elegant to look at.

dot said...

What a great shot! I was glad to hear that he has two legs. Interesting post!

carl in ga said...

Willard - until I read your comments, I thought you took a picture of someone's decoy!!! Look at your picture again and you'll see what I mean. I'm waiting for someone to walk by and pull it out of the ground. Of course most of the decoy's are hens or small jakes. Hey, from what it's looking like, I'll see you in early May.

Andrea said...

Great shot and very interesting post.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a great tribute to this fine bird Willard... shame on me as I only get to see these in the freezer compartments when out shopping.. I never thought I'd ever hear myself saying this to a bird... but it looks much better with it's cloths on.

Misty Dawn said...

Great capture. I haven't seen any turkeys out here and I'm rather perplexed by it! I have been tracking a bobcat though - I REALLY want to get a photo of it!

Marvin said...

A great shot of a magnificent bird. How something so large can sometimes disappear into thin air, I'll never know. When people use the slang "turkey", they must be referring to the domesticated cousins of these cunning birds.

nina said...

Smart bird--those feet are cold on snow.
I once watched a titmouse land on an ice-covered branch, and chip off a chunk large enough to be able to stand on branch--not ice.