Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Amazing Event

I had just positioned the cameras at my favorite wildlife viewing area when I heard a vehicle rapidly approaching and saw that it was my brother "Salty". He informed me that a vehicle was stuck on the creek bank on our farm. He had already talked to the subjects, but wanted my input also, so we traveled to the scene. There were two young men with a vehicle solidly anchored on the creek bank.

They Just Can't Believe It Happened

A Real Problem

The big questions were how and why it got there. The driver had a distinct odor of alcohol on his breath and alcoholic beverages were plainly visible on the rear floor of the vehicle.

Driver on left-Salty on Right

The driver said they had been a'fishin' all day and decided to visit this area. They started to cross the stream by the roadway visible in the following photograph. The red line denotes their line of travel.

Route Of Travel

At the point that the red line veers sharply to the right he became frightened that there was a big rock in his path of travel so he decided to try the high stream bank, which appeared much safer to him.

I cross this stream every day and have yet to see the big rock. There has been a lot of problems in this area with persons driving through fields, throwing out empty alcoholic beverage containers, etc.

While they were on our property, it was a minimal amount so we decided to not press trespass charges against them. Their punishment was to retrieve their vehicle as best as possible without our assistance. We were at the farm buildings discussing the situation when we heard a loud roaring noise, so we returned to the area and found that they had succeeded in escaping from their predicament.

Their story is one of the poorest rationalizations I have heard. There is little doubt that the operator was driving under the influence of alcohol and decided to see if he could jump the vehicle over the stream bank. To top it off, it was his dad's vehicle.


Sara G said...

Oh my goodness....Does alcohol make you see roads where roads never exsisted before?? Crazy kids. Hope Dad chewed them out and made them wash the jeep with a toothbrush to remove all the mud!!

Anonymous said...

Well, good. Maybe his "daddy" will give him a good thrashing for messing up his alignment among other details.

imac said...

I think you and Salty were very generous there Willard, and think that they got away very light, what good hearted brothers you are.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a plonker... his body language in the picture with Salty tells it's own story..
;O) Of course he would have made it in an old land rover like mine.. :O)

Thanks for stopping by today my friend.. it's alway a pleasure to see your name and of course Salty's name turing up..

Bradley Myers said...

I think I would have called the police. Lets hope is Dad is like layed down some severe punishment.

Philip said...

Willard this is sad but true all over the world yongsters do this kind of thing a childs brain in an adults body sometimes a deadly combination

Leedra said...

In today's world it is "all about me", never a thought for anybody else. The pic of him and Salty is hilarious! Hope his 'daddy' gives him what for!Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

fishing guy said...

Willard: I must say that sporting adventures and drinking do not mix. I can remember when friends would drink all night then go out on the first day of buck. Generally they never made it to the PA woods.

Ranger said...

Its a good thing it was in your fording and not the fording to the north a few years ago. Either way it's a darn shame.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Great story, Willard. Thanks for sharing, it made me chuckle ;)