Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They're Here!-The First Fawn Is Sighted

The blossoming of the poplar trees coincides with the birthing period of whitetail deer fawns in our area. I thought the other day as I photographed this poplar that I had never heard this as a part of folklore when I was growing up. Some of the old timers had a saying that "it's time to plant corn when the poplar leaves are as big as squirrels ears", so perhaps I can start a new "old time saying" in reference to the fawns, such as "when the poplars bloom all day-the whitetail fawns are on the way" (Just kidding, I know it sounds ignorant)

Poplar Blossom

At any rate most of the does have very large abdomens now and their movement patterns have changed. In fact they move about very little and are often seen standing in one spot in the meadows for a long period of time. I take this to mean that they will soon give birth, or perhaps they already have, and the young are lying in the grass nearby.

Abdomen is still large so birth has not likely occurred yet

One of the does I see almost every day still had an extremely large abdomen on Monday evening, but last evening her flanks were thin and sunken, so she had given birth. I did not get to see the fawn or fawns, however and this morning I saw very few does in the area I usually frequent, so I went to a different area and drove a narrow pathway that I mowed on Monday.

Where It Happened

When I reached this area, I saw two adult deer in the extreme distance and they walked slowly into the hay field. Suddenly I saw a small deer coming from the brush and heading toward the hay. I opened the door and got in position with the 30-D and the 100-400mm lens. Surprisingly instead of following the adult deer, the fawn spied me and began running toward the vehicle.

I Have To Check This Out!

What Is This Strange Creature That Is Pointing Something At Me?

At first it seemed the fawn would run up to the vehicle, but then it stopped some distance away, turned and ran into the hayfield.

It's Not Mom, So I'm Leaving!

Even though I am a somewhat veteran of photographing Pennsylvania wildlife, and have had many more dramatic encounters with fawns, it was still exciting to photograph the first fawn of the year.


fishing guy said...

Willard: That was a neat capture of the little one. Thanks for sharing the wonders of nature.

Sara G said...

Oh Willard, I just love those photo's. I would love love love to get a photo of a baby fawn like that!!
Congratulations...Awesome photo's (as always)

Kerri said...

How Exciting! That picture of him looking right at you is AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

The fifth photo is truly amazing. They are all beautiful, but the fifth is so precious. Wonderful job in capturing nature at it's best!

Ken Conger Photography said...

What a feel good post. Great fawn shot. Fawns are born in VA from now until the first weekend in June.

Wondering if you have been following this in PA:

Blue Skies/

NatureStop said...

It must have been really exciting to shoot the baby fawn.It looks so innocent and you captured it so nicely.Thanks for sharing.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Willard
This really is a great posting and I just about swooned at the fawn coming towards you. Such incidents with wildlife are special and I'm so glad it happened while you had your camera.. Congratulations on a great set of pictures. By the way the field looks very lush, I would absolutly love to live in an area like yours.
My blogs: Wiggers World and Pictures & Words

Anonymous said...

Love that fawn. Thanks for sharing, Willard.

T and S said...

Stunning images of the Fawn and it was bang on the jeep track. WOW.

The headon shot where its looking straight at you is truly amazing and a wonderful wildlife moment. Thanks for sharing these with us Willard.

Shellmo said...

Such an exciting encounter! The lighting was perfect in that fawn's head on shot - beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful photograph, Willard. You have to work at it to get something as neat as this is. Wonderful.

You might like to read the story about us almost moving to Alaska...

Homesteading in Alaska

Denise said...

Loved these photos. Fawn's are so adorable. I am anxious to get up to Big Meadow along Skyline Drive here in Virginia. It's an area that is well known for finding deer out in the open.

Michele said...

Oh boy!! Awesome sighting!! I would be ecstatic to see a fawn... especially the shots you have. When I do see them, they are always huddled so close to mom and I can never get a decent shot.
Beautiful photos!!

Carletta said...

SWEET! You must have been thrilled.
Awesome shots Willard!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Great capture, Willard!!

Leedra said...

The Fawn looking at you is breathtaking. Need to frame that one!

Anonymous said...

the face on that baby is gorgeous! so so pretty! beautiful photos

Bird Girl said...

Hi Willard - Just wondering if you have any tips for making the best of a visit to Shenandoah the second week of June? We are staying at Skyland Resort and hope to find fawns at the Big Meadows. Do you walk into this or drive? I don't know anyone who has been there. Please don't put an answer on my blog but if you could email me at: