Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter: A Struggle For Survival-A Canon 7-D Film

" Winter with it's now and cold. Survival is difficult for wildlife and human's alike."-opening dialog from "Winter A Struggle For Survival".

With it being one of the most brutal winters in recent memory and shooting video with DSLRS being one of the current "in" things to do, I decided to put together a short film from clips shot entirely with the Canon 7-D.

Winter: A Struggle For Survival from Willard C. Hill on Vimeo.

The film features winter birds, elk, and whitetail deer set against a backdrop of winter storms interspersed with sparkling clear days.


HANNIBAL said...

The video is awesome Willard! Very well done! I'm very impressed with the 7d, let alone the quality of video you are producing. I do note your disadvantages, but I can't help drooling over your camera. My wish list contains this body. It's at the top!

The z-finder is a must have, obviously!

Heather said...


Brad Myers said...

Once again Willard an excellent job. I really enjoyed the video, you have a great talent for photography, knowledge and video editing. You play a pretty good banjo to.

I had never heard of the Zacuto until you last post and then I ran across it again today. Check out Dtown tv episode 31, Feb 25 it comes up in this episode. I guess it is just something else to add to my wish list, after a better tripod and head to go along with the new heavy lens.

I hope as spring approaches we (Coy also)will get to shoot together again at SNP.

Will we be seeing video of the turkey encouter that Coy posted?

Willard said...

Thanks to all for their positive comments.

Brad-I actually meant to include a segment of the turkey fight and the Conowingo eagles, but I had some problems with the computer, got distracted and went ahead with what was already on the time line and forgot about those segments until after I posted the video, so I'll post them separately either as part of a short film or just as clips of the action.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Willard: What a neat video, love all your animals.

Lavender Cottage said...

Willard, that was amazing! The music was good too.
Funny to hear you say you've had the worst winter in a long time and we've had the easiest one for years. Can't remember the last time I could go out with shoes on in February. We have had a good dose of snow the last couple of days though so it's back to the boots.

Jeff Thomas said...


Camconative said...

Excellent as usual! Really enjoyed this video...I want a 7D too now! My 40D seems so inadequate now, lol. I have camera envy (and now I want to play the banjo too). Keep up the good work.

Ken said...

Nice work. Liked the cardinal, coon and deer. Everyone I know that has the 7D have been really happy. I am holding off on the Mark IV for awhile and let them work the bugs out. Blue Skies.

Bird Girl said...

Wow Willard! How awesome this video is!!! I loved your music and I just bought a Canon 50D and you make me wish I could have gotten the 7D - it is a very nice feature to have video with you, isn't it? Beautifully done. I've been enjoying your blog for a while now and just had to comment on this wonderful movie.