Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Morning At Middle Creek Part 3-Camera Critters

Tundra swans and snow geese are the two major attractions at Middle Creek at this time of year, but as was mentioned in A Morning At Middle Creek Part 1, we were too late to see the large flocks of these birds, but did encounter a few tundra swans as they flew north away from Middle Creek Lake.

Tundra Swans

We also found  flocks of snow geese circling around willow point, so we parked and walked Willow Point Trail to the observation area. 

Snow Geese Circle Willow Point
Once there, we photographed and filmed the geese as they arrived and joined the birds already on the water.  We later learned that an estimated 10,000 snow geese were at Middle Creek that day.

Flock Of Snow Geese On Middle Creek Lake At Willow Point

All photos are with the Canon 100-400mmF5.6 L.  The first photo was taken with the 40-D body, the remainder with the 7-D.

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LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

That was awesome to see!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh...your photos are a piece of heaven.

Here's MINE --White Winged Dove sittin' in a tree C O O I N G!!
[scroll down a bit in my Saturday post]

Adrienne in Ohio said...


Pam said...

Willard, these are wonderful shots of the large gathering of flying and swimming Snow Geese.

Snap said...

Willard, Wow, WOW and WOW again. Wonderful gathering!

Lew said...

You have some spectacular shots of the waterfowl. The sunrise shots at Middle Creek are stunning! I have not seen snow geese near us, thought others have posted images of them in eastern Maryland. We have a fair number of canada geese. I appreciate your comments on using the extender. I am considering buying one for my Nikon.