Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fatal Plane Crash In Elk County

According to a report from WJAC News in Johnstown, a Connecticut man was killed Friday in a plane crash on Winslow Hill.  From footage shown on their website it appears to have been in the area of The Gilbert Viewing Area, which is officially known as the Porcupine Run, Winslow Hill Viewing Area.

Accident Must Have Been In This General Area: Photo May 2008 by W.Hill
In the video posted on the WJAC website, one gets a brief look at vehicles parked in the distance in what appears to be the area pictured below, so if this is indeed the spot, it is likely that the accident happened somewhere in the area around the mining activity, which many refer to as the saddle. 

Area In Question-Gilbert Buildings Are Gone Now: Photo Sept. 2010 by W.Hill
In time the exact details will become known, but for now it seems safe to say that a tragic accident did occur in this general area on Winslow Hill on Friday evening.


Anonymous said...

There was another small plane crash south of Tidioute, PA (Warren County), on the same day. Thankfully, there were no deaths in that crash.

Anonymous said...

My mother said she would never fly because the "Good Lord made me to keep my feet on the ground." But we did get her to fly up here to Ohio from Texas and she even had to change planes once. She said it was OK.

Have you been to the site where the 9/11 plane crashed?

I got a new lens. I tried it out on my blogs. It is that Tamron 18-270mm that has been advertised a lot.

Willard said...


Thanks for the info. about the other crash.


So far I have not yet visited the site of the 9/11 crash, but Coy has. I flew for the first time, when we went to Yellowstone in 2008 and I liked it--especially the take-off part.

Beyond My Garden said...

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