Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whitetail Deer Close-Up Nursing

Button Buck Still Nursing In Early Autumn

Doe Turns And Walks Away

For a time we leave the subject of Elk and take a close-up look at the Whitetail Deer. I am fortunate in that I am able to observe these animals each day as they go about their lives. I am totally accepted by this extended family group of Whitetails. They know that the man that carries that set of sticks around with the object on top of them is harmless and so they permit me to view them, as few are able to see deer

The young deer, known as fawns, mostly feed on plant growth in autumn, but the does still permit them to nurse occasionally. They usually will not stand still long and turn and walk away from the young animal.


Old Wom Tigley said...

AS much as I like these White Tails, I do think they have very long heads. Spoils their looks a tad.
It must be a nice feeling that these fine animals give you their trust. You picture are a proper joy to cast my eyes over.

Willard said...

That particular doe also has an extra long head. She is also quite thin but is actually in good physical condition. She is six years old.

Salty said...

Glad to see you are sharing a few of your many unique deer images.

It is one thing to take a deer picture, quite another to capture them acting naturally as they are here.

Anonymous said...

Nice photographs. The doe does look "thin" but then we would look thin too if we ate like we should. I like the pictures for their naturalness. There isn't anything more natural than nursing scenes.

Unfortunately, some crazy people seem to think human beings are acting "un" natural when mothers breast feed their babies.

I was breast fed and think that is the way to go. Anyway, thanks too for your visits to my blogs and for your comments there.

Scarlet said...

These are fantastic. I love deer and these were captured beautifully.