Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Road Hunting With Cameras

Many if not most mornings are foggy in Elk County. It was so foggy at dawn on September 19th, that there was no visibility on Winslow Hill. There was still fog in the low lying areas, but it was thin enough that one could take video and pictures, so I joined the “road hunting” tourists and found a large herd in the village of Medix Run. The action started in an open field at one end of the village and eventually moved to the lawns of summer homes, and “suburban” residences in the area. This is when the responsible viewer makes certain that their vehicle is parked off of the roadway, but not on private property and that they do not walk through lawns or other private areas while taking photographs.

I concentrated on video and the only stills I got were taken with the Canon XL-H1 video camera in card camera mode. It does reasonably well as a still camera in good lighting conditions, but is somewhat grainy and soft looking in poor light. This was very early and the light was not good. The video turned out quite well, especially when the 6x6 bull horned trees and bushes.

Herd In Lawn At Medix Run
6x6 Bull After Rubbing Antlers In Trees And Bushes

A Mature Bull
After six years of hunting there are few mature bulls to be seen, but later in the morning I saw several vehicles stopped along the road with photographers in action with still and video cameras. There was a monster bull on the hillside. This time I mounted the 500mmF4 on the tripod and took several exposures with the 10D.

At times I made the same circuit on other foggy mornings, but didn’t have opportunities to match these. Several persons remarked that tourists were seeing more elk in the low lands than on Winslow Hill. This is normal for winter, but not for early autumn and the peak of the rut.


Old Wom Tigley said...

These are fantastic, what a way to spend a morning as well.
I wondered at first about the expression 6x6 bull, soon realised it was the same as what we called our deer, we say '6 point'.
The Mature bull much have been the icing on the cake Willard.
Thanks for sharing them with us. I do hope more folk call here and view these, and read what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have all the right equipment to get these shots. I would almost give an arm and maybe a leg for a 500mm f4 anything that fits a Canon. And I'd really like the 10d.

I saw the top elk picture on a blog yesterday. I don't remember where. Sorry. I like your photography a lot. It is very nice. You know what it takes to get these pictures as well as I do and while you are after big game I am after bugs and birds and the critters normally found in towns. All of my photography is shot in my back yard. Some 20,000 plus photos since August 2005 when I got my first digital Canon - A Rebel. I have two of them now and a decent lens that weighs 5 pounds and has IS because I am so old now that I shake and don't know it.

I hate to do this because I don't want you to think I am spamming you. I will leave three links here. You can see the birds or a sampling of birds at all three places and the critters at the others.


My city backyard photos mostly.

My Japanese website. My photo career began here in 1953 with my first Canon film camera. Used the first color film Kodak put out.
I invited other soldiers to send me their stuff to put on here too.
Mine is under my name, Abraham Lincoln.

Stay in touch.

Willard said...

It's surprising that in Pennsylvania a whitetail buck is called whatever his total point number is so if there is four points on one antler and three on another he is a 7 point, but an elk is counted as they are in the western states which is number of points on one antler and the number of points on the other antler with an x between which is pronounced 6 by 6, 8 by 7, or whatever the case might be.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Willard:
Thanks for clearing that up. I see Abraham as posted here, which ever blogs you chose to look at I would say Abe's are way up there at the No.1 spot. I have had so much help and insperation from that man.. and his blogs.
Abe: That a fair few dollars you owe me now, an advert like that don't come cheep. ;)

Kerri said...

These are wonderful shots! The mature bull is breathtaking!