Friday, November 7, 2008

Of Bucks and Birds

Here in Pennsylvania, the mating season for whitetail deer is well under way and it is at this time that the bucks are most easily seen as they often throw caution to the winds in their search for receptive does. The rut has not yet peaked as many of the does are not yet receptive, but still few days go by without a decent sized buck being spotted.

Canon 30-D: 500mm F4

Even though I am primarily a big game photographer, I do enjoy photographing most anything nature related. I generally view birds as a subject that I should devote more time to, but I seldom succeed in doing so, as I am mostly in spots that are less than ideal bird habitat. That being said, for the last few years I have established a bird feeding station in a rock break at my favorite deer observation post. It seems that only a few species of birds are frequent visitors. At present the Tufted Titmouse, and Nuthatch are most commonly seen. It is especially hard to photograph the Nuthatches as they are really hyperactive, but last Saturday evening I succeed in getting what I regard as my best Nuthatch shot to date.

Canon 30-D: 500mmF4

Stay tuned for more Pennsylvania and Virginia Whitetail photographs, and more writing and photographs about Pennsylvania's Elk Herd.