Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camera Critters: Eastern Wild Turkey And Squirrels

While waiting for the wily wild turkey to appear one often sees other species of wildlife such as gray squirrels and fox squirrels.  When I was young there were plenty of gray squirrels in our area, but one seldom encountered a fox squirrel.

Gray Squirrel

Today we have a thriving fox squirrel population.  These animals are much larger with a different coloration than the gray squirrel.

Fox Squirrel
Observing these animals helps one pass the time until the primary subject arrives, and sometimes photographing them can be as rewarding as the larger birds and animals, yet the squirrels do not thrill one as much as when a large gobbler appears close to the photographic blind and lets loose with a tremendous gobble.

Mature Eastern Wild Turkey Gobbler

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Scientific Wildlife Management?

6x6 Bull Elk-Hunt Zone 2

Many who support the Pennsylvania elk hunt, as it is currently implemented, base their defense of the season on scientific grounds. It seems they focus on three major points. 1. Science demands that there be a hunt. 2. The number and quality of large bulls has increased since the hunt began. 3. We have a healthier herd today as a result of the hunt.

Few would contest that science and scientific management is a fine thing, but is our wildlife managed by scientific principles?
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