Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wildlife Faces Winter

Even though it is not officialy winter, the temperatures are quite frigid and until recently there was a light covering of snow in our area. As winter arrives, wildlife faces a struggle to survive.
In severe instances there may be a large amount of winter mortality in the whitetail deer herd, but most recent winters have been relatively mild.

Whitetail Buck Crosses A Winter Meadow

Dove Basks In Warm Rays Of Afternoon Sun

Birds and animals make the most of situations which make survival easier and spend as much time as possible in sunlit areas that are sheltered from the wind.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Guide Responds:

EJM has responded by posting a comment to My Profile On You Tube:

After one brothers offensive rants and threats, the other brother now has a message to deliver. These gentlemen are the ultimate goodwill ambassadors for the hunting community.

Here is the comment in its :entirety:

"Mr Hill, You have brother number 2 here. We were just laughing at your blogs. I only have one comment for you sir, If the elk hunt is a joke to you and we are a joke as guides, and we shoot tame barnyard elk. Then how can you possibley sell a video that features tame barnyard elk. Are you a wildlife photographer or a livestock videographer. Anyone could do that. So, to you sir, if we are a joke, then you and your time scouting and your movie is a joke to us. By the way I have personaly witnessed a camp full of hunters fall asleep to your joke. Maybe you would like to see the perfect 200 yard first shot on that 9x8 bull and thats no joke. By the way sir how close did you get to that elk? When you filmed him, may be he was stunned by your camera flash. I think he was acclimated two people trying to feed him, cameramen, and barnyard videographers."

Happy Hunting EJM

We thank EJM for his response. It is most enlightening.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Elk Guide Responds To Elk Hunt Critics

"Whatever bro! You klnow who I am. Who are you? I'd love to debate you further. You know why we take zone two hunters. Because we can take the verbal abuse from people like you & because we have nothing to lose. Don't mess with somone who has nothing to lose. Get it! I never did anything to you, don't slam me. If I can find elk,bear,deer,& wild Turkey I can also find you. "
Verbatim quote by someone posting as Jpg207 on You-Tube. According to the profile This person is Jarrad McCarthy of Elk County Outfitters. This was in response to a comment by me concerning the shooting of the 9x8 bull on the first day of season.

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