Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Elk Guide Responds To Elk Hunt Critics

"Whatever bro! You klnow who I am. Who are you? I'd love to debate you further. You know why we take zone two hunters. Because we can take the verbal abuse from people like you & because we have nothing to lose. Don't mess with somone who has nothing to lose. Get it! I never did anything to you, don't slam me. If I can find elk,bear,deer,& wild Turkey I can also find you. "
Verbatim quote by someone posting as Jpg207 on You-Tube. According to the profile This person is Jarrad McCarthy of Elk County Outfitters. This was in response to a comment by me concerning the shooting of the 9x8 bull on the first day of season.

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Kekiinani said...

Hi Willard
After reading all of your posts (Didnt watch the video) I find it very sad that experienced hunters/guides would even think of doing anything like this. Amazing.
So sad that this beautiful animal will not be around for everyone to see.. Doesnt sound like it was much of a "hunt" to me.
Aloha, Renee :)

Anonymous said...

You already know that I am no longer a hunter. I did hunt during WWII and after the Korean War when we had a young family. I also fished. We ate the meat and were thankful for it.

When I could afford to feed the family I stopped hunting. And I also stopped fishing.

Now, the only hunting I do is with my camera.

If people need to hunt to live, then more power to them. Killing for "Sport" is not something I ever did and wouldn't do.

But that's just me.