Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Crazy Legs Jr." A Large Non-Typical Pennsylvania Bull Elk

I have not participated in Camera Critters since September 4th, but have devoted the blog since that time to writing about Pennsylvania's Elk herd and other items of interest about the area  that the elk  inhabit as this is the time of year that interest in the herd peaks. In addition, I was in Pennsylvania's  Elk Country from September 19th until October 1st,  filming and photographing the elk and researching various issues which I hope to address in the near future, so for the present the blog will continue to focus on the Pennsylvania Elk Herd.  I have been unable to reply to e-mails or post during this time as I did not have internet access in the field.

This was not one of the best trips I have had as elk are not particularly active on hot days and it was quite hot at times. Also there was quite a bit of heavy rain, which forced one to remain closer to the vehicle than I would have preferred.   I also concentrated primarily on shooting video, so many of the best still photo opportunities were missed, but in spite of this there were some outstanding encounters.  One of these was with a large  non-typical bull.

Non-Typical Bull, "Crazy Legs Jr." Pursues Cows: Canon 7D 500mmF4
For those who are not familiar with the Winslow Hill elk culture, there was once a gentleman who had a weekend home just off Dewey Road by the name of Claude Nye, who called himself Dr. Perk.(For more information read." Dr. Perk- A Controversial Figure", "Dr. Perk-The Story Continues",and "Dr. Perk-The Story Continues Part 3". He was quite a colorful character who fed the elk and named many of them.  There was an exceptional non-typical bull that frequented the area in the late 1990s that Dr. Perk called "Crazy Legs".  When I asked him why he chose the name, he answered, "we used to call him Steve, but now we call him Crazy Legs because he likes to travel", and travel he did because he was killed by poachers quite some distance from Winslow Hill in 2000.  In 2008 another bull appeared that had many of the same characteristics and it was immediately named "Crazy Legs Jr."

"Crazy Legs Jr". 2008: Canon 40D 300mmF4

It is not certain where that bull spent the rut of 2009, although many speculate that a large bull with deformed antlers was in fact this bull and that perhaps the antlers were smaller because of damaging them in an accident.

"Crazy Legs Jr." 2009?: Canon 40D 70-200mm F2.8
Whatever the case, the bull is back this year and he is an impressive animal.  I photographed and filmed him on numerous occasions, but the best encounter for still photography was early on the morning of September 22nd, at the Gilbert Viewing Area.

"Crazy Legs Jr." Pauses To Bugle While Chasing Cows: Canon 7D 500mm F4

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