Friday, December 19, 2008

An October Visit To Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is located near the village of Kleinfeltersville in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. It is operated by The Pennsylvania Game Commission, with the primary focus being on waterfowl, but it provides excellent habitat for other species of wildlife as well. I was there for a morning photo shoot on Sunday morning October 12, 2008.

With all of the drab weather we are experiencing now, it seemed appropriate to post some photos of a more beautiful time of year, and this morning was superb.

Sunrise At The Main Lake

Although the area is home to a wide variety of waterfowl, most of it was too far away for good close-up shots with the 500mm F4. It seemed that Canadian geese were the most numerous species present, but even none of those got close enough for stunning portraits.

Canadian Geese Landing

The most striking feature of the morning was the stunning autumn leaves, and the frost on the grasses. Autumn starts out with a promise of many beautiful days to come, but all to soon the leaves are gone and many days are drab, dull, and colorless. This was one of those mornings that was so beautiful that it lifts ones morale and fills them with hope.

Pond Near Visitor's Center

Frosty Grass: Most Likely Little Bluestem

While the Pennsylvania Game Commission is primarily a hunting oriented agency, it does provide habitat for a wide variety of animal, bird, and plant species, both game and non-game alike.