Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eastern Wild Turkey: Gobbling Season Arrives

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Mature Eastern Wild Turkey Gobbler Strutting

The Eastern Wild Turkey is Pennsylvania's largest game bird and in fact is actually classified as a big game animal by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  While they are impressive birds at any time of year, they are especially striking in appearance during their mating season, which occurs in the spring.

Gobbling In Unison

 Mature males, known as gobblers, may gobble at any time of year, but do it most often during the mating season, to attract hens or challenge other males. The birds travel in bachelor groups most of the year, although these groups may mix with flocks of hens and young turkeys at times.  They are still likely to be found in these groups during late winter and early spring, but later on are more likely to be found alone with hens as the peak of the actual mating activity occurs.

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