Saturday, June 5, 2010

Camera Critters: Springtime In The Meadow

Springtime in a backwoods Pennsylvania meadow. On clear mornings, it is so beautiful and peaceful to be on station at dawn, listening to the birds singing, watching wildlife activity as the day arrives.  Deer are usually there at dawn, but they usually leave the meadow around sun-up and go to the nearby woodlands to escape the heat of mid-day.

Whitetail Herd At Dawn

The two year old and three year old bucks that I have been posting periodically to demonstrate antler development have evidently left for good as they have not been seen since the morning of May 17th. With their dispersal my attention has shifted to documenting the pregnant does and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fawns. 

Pregnant Whitetail Doe

While fawns are born in a period ranging from mid-May until mid-June, most in this individual herd usually give birth within a few days of June 8th.

The Abdomens Are Huge
Photographing wildflowers is an excellent way to wring some more satisfaction out of a morning, after the deer have left for the day.  Today's flower is a Beard-tongue, but I am not sure which variety of this species that it is.


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