Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter In Pennsylvania's Elk Range

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Cow Elk At Gilbert Viewing Area

Yesterday fellow SupportPA"Elk team member Coy Hill and I traveled to Benezette, Pennsylvania, where we met with noted Pennsylvania Elk photographer Ronald J. "Buckwheat" Saffer.

Coy Hill And Ron Saffer Discuss Elk Photography And Issues

A large herd of cows, calves, and young bulls were at the Gilbert Viewing Area and we spent much of the day with them.

A Portion Of Herd At Gilbert Viewing Area

By now most mature bulls are banded together in bachelor groups, but there was one fairly impressive 7x7 bull still with this herd.

7x7 With Cows And Young Bull At Gilbert Viewing Area

Look for more elk photographs and analysis of conditions and issues in Pennsylvania's elk range in the near future.

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