Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Canada Geese At Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Canada Geese at Blackwater NWR: Canon 7D- 28-135mm 5.6 EF at 35mm- 1/400 sec. f 5.6-ISO 400

February can yield many excellent photo opportunities, but sometimes one must travel to find them. Last year my brother Coy and I made two trips to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. So far we have been able to go this year because of his work schedule and inclement weather on the days it would have been otherwise possible to go.  Even though Canada Geese are a common species, I love to watch and photograph them and we had a lot of opportunities to photograph them.  I especially liked the mood created by the early morning light in these photographs.

Early Morning at Blackwater NWR: Canon 7D- 100-400mm 5.6  Lat 400mm- 1/400 sec. f 5.6-ISO 800
Canada Geese In Flight: Canon 7D- 100-400mm 5.6  Lat 400mm-- 1/3200 sec. f 7.1-ISO 400
One may also see the birds feeding in fields by the roadside. I am always reminded of James Michener's great novel "Chesapeake" when I think of the Canada Geese and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Feeding By The Roadside: Canon 7D- 100-400mm 5.6  L at 180mm-- 1/400sec. f 7.1-ISO 400
Of course Blackwater is also home to many other species of waterfowl, birds of prey, songbirds and mammals.

American Coot: Canon 7D- 100-400mm 5.6  L at 400mm-- 1/1000sec. f 7.1-ISO 200
Originally published at Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer by Willard Hill.