Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Guide Responds:

EJM has responded by posting a comment to My Profile On You Tube:

After one brothers offensive rants and threats, the other brother now has a message to deliver. These gentlemen are the ultimate goodwill ambassadors for the hunting community.

Here is the comment in its :entirety:

"Mr Hill, You have brother number 2 here. We were just laughing at your blogs. I only have one comment for you sir, If the elk hunt is a joke to you and we are a joke as guides, and we shoot tame barnyard elk. Then how can you possibley sell a video that features tame barnyard elk. Are you a wildlife photographer or a livestock videographer. Anyone could do that. So, to you sir, if we are a joke, then you and your time scouting and your movie is a joke to us. By the way I have personaly witnessed a camp full of hunters fall asleep to your joke. Maybe you would like to see the perfect 200 yard first shot on that 9x8 bull and thats no joke. By the way sir how close did you get to that elk? When you filmed him, may be he was stunned by your camera flash. I think he was acclimated two people trying to feed him, cameramen, and barnyard videographers."

Happy Hunting EJM

We thank EJM for his response. It is most enlightening.


Tom said...

We have a name for folk like this here in the UK Willard.... it consists of 2 words and the last one is 'Head'.....

Peggy said...

Some people are just morons. They find a way to justify anything...Obviously! And the attack on you? Come on, is that all you got?

carl in ga said...

Wow Willard, I've heard weak arguments before, but that guys takes the cake. I guess that's all he can come up with since he lacks the skill and sportmanship to hunt "fairly". It's like a bad truck driver ... "only takes one to give all of us (hunters) as bad name". Keep up the great work. I enjoy your photos and blogs weekly.

Kekiinani said...

Simply amazing how some individuals think.. or lack there of. Aloha Renee :)

Kirk Mantay said...

Since DNR has not moved to re-introduce elk in Maryland, what exactly is the argument for/against this particular kill?

I know the larger argument well - it applies to any restored species: "the population is strong enough to withstand hunting" vs. "no it's not."

But as to this critter specifically -

are there "breeder" elk and "wild" elk that live separately in PA as part of PGC's reintroduction program? My "opinion" is that this would rank as a "legal shoot" (i.e. like a canned shoot) but not a "legitimate hunt." Is there a differentiation in the PA game code?

I'm trying to understand what, beyond the loss of a magnificent animal, has you so upset over this particular instance.

I understand the apparent lack of fair chase, but again, you get that with any canned shoot - from stocked trout streams to enclosure shoots for trophy deer (which I personally find offensive).

What am I missing (seriously - not mocking you at all)?

Willard said...

Before the hunt was instituted in 2001 a survey indicated about a 50/50 split in public opinion as to whether there should be an elk hunt in Pa.

Many enjoy viewing and photographing these animals, while others view them as existing primarily for hunting purposes. The pro-viewing faction was promised that the herd would be managed for a large proportion of mature branch antlered bulls and the viewing areas protected. Very shortly after the hunt began this policy changed, and now it seems that many of the bulls in an about the viewing areas are taken before they reach their full potential or as soon as they do.

There are few if any actually wild elk on Winslow Hill, which is the core of the elk range and the main focus of our discussion. They are wild in that they are free ranging and are born and die in the wild, but most are quite trusting of humans.

This particular animal is the perfect example of what is wrong with the system from the non-consumptive users point of view as he had no fear of humans, yet the hunt is classified as fair case. It is:however, legal and that is what many would like to see changed.

This blog was actually founded to represent the viewpoint of the elk-watcher and photographer. which is not characterized in most cases by an anti-hunting attitude, but simply that the herd should managed for the benefit of all and that the elk around the viewing areas should receive more protection. Perhaps I have become more aggressive and strident in pursuing this issue lately,(especially since others of similar bent invited me to join them in a team blog) but it has always been an important part of this blog.

It all boils down to one's point of view as to how the resource should be managed and to date there has been a lot of verbal discussion representing the point of view that I am presenting, but very little written material, hence the recent blogging effort in this area and the release of the Elk DVD.

There is much more writing on this subject on both this blog and http://supportpaelk.blogspot.com/.

Marci said...

Isn't the loss of a magnificent creature enough to have this mission? I think so. Also, I feel this type of kill is unethical...another good reason for our mission.
As Coy stated, the elk belong to all citizens, so we have the right to fight for them for whatever reasons we find appropriate.