Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Elk Hunt: Monday P.M.

Surveillance of the reclaimed strip mine-note camouflaged 300mmF4 at right corner attached to XL-H1 camcorder

A hunter's support team wating for him

Guide leading hunter and support team

In mid-afternoon two groups of hunters arrived in rapid succession and one group went directly into the area where the 6x6 was staying. There was no shooting which could mean that he had moved to another area, the hunter had a cow permit, or he was holding out for a larger bull.

You will notice that there is more than one person in these parties. Many, if not most hunters hire a guide, and they are also permitted by law to take as many people as they desire with them to observe the hunt and assist with handling an animal after it is taken. These people are required to wear blaze orange, but they are not required to have a hunting license and they may not carry a firearm or herd or drive elk to the hunter. Only the shooter must have a valid hunting license and elk permit.

Other points to consider are: 1. If one disturbs animals before the hunt to make them more wary, they can be arrested for harassing or disturbing wildlife. 2. If they purposefully frighten the animal during the hunt to prevent its’ taking, they can be charged with interfering with a lawful hunt.


Tom said...

I'm really impressed with this, I like the idea of the hunters being hunted. ha!
I am pleased that the 6x6 seems to have escape the gun so far.
Is the hunter allowed to take more than one gun?

Anonymous said...

I hope the 6x6 escapes to live a normal life soon.

Willard said...


The answer is most likely not. If he did take more than one it would have to be under his immediate control. If I were in this circumstance I would not carry another gun for the hunter as I would expect to be arrested if seen by an officer.

This is one of those gray areas that court trials often arise from. It is likely that if the occasion arose there would be discussion before the charges were filed and possibly the matter would be kicked up the chain of command to get several opinions on the matter, but if he was in possession of a "loaded" firearm it would almost certain result in charges being filed.

Tom said...

Thanks for that Willard... it did cross my mind that his other gun could be used by a friend. Over here we need a gun licence, but on private land you can shot without one.. but the gun as to be held legally by a licancee.
You mention over on my place about me 'Dancing in the Leaves' he you caught that on film it would surly be a 'Video Nasty'.. ha!
Thanks for taking the time to answer that for me.

Kerri Farley said...

Very interesting.... I hope they didn't get anything... but with guides and all of that they probably did :(