Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camera Critters: Back In Action

After being without a DSLR since July 2nd, since my Canon 40D broke down, it was a relief when UPS delivered a refurbished Canon 30D early Friday morning and I was back in business again.
The 40D is currently at Canon for factory service.

It soon became obvious that there were a few differences between the cameras with the 30D having a smaller LCD, and the viewfinder image not being as bright or large. The 40D was the first of that series of cameras to have the ISO visible in the finder and I found that I missed having this feature.

That being said, I could easily fall in love with this camera, as it performs well. Even though it is rated at 8.2 Megapixels and the 40D is 10.1, the 30D is capable of delivering superb image quality.

I pressed it into service that evening. It felt good to be back in action once again.

The fawns are now eating some plant growth to supplement their mother's milk. As the summer progresses they will continue to nurse, but they graze and browse on plants more and more. One may find them nursing on occasion throughout the autumn, but it is rare and the doe does not permit them to feed for any length of time.

Canon 30D: 500mmF4 1/ 200 Sec. F4 ISO 400

The rabbits are feeding on the succulent grasses in the wildlife meadow, and I was fortunate to capture this one during his brief visit on Friday evening.

Canon 30D: 500mmF4 1/ 60 Sec. F5 ISO 800

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Christy said...

So glad to hear you have a camera again. Very nice photos I especially love the rabbit photo. There is just something about it that really draws me in.

HFD60 said...

Glad to see your back in business...great photos as always

Louise said...

I'm not a "real" photographer like you are. Can't imagine being camera-less, though. You were rewarded with these wonderful pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the road, Willard. This time in Western NC. It rained all day yesterday and it's raining again so it looks like another washed out sunrise.

Sorry to hear about your 40D. When I read your post about the 99 error, I said, "Uh oh" and figured you were about to engage those wonderful folks at Canon NJ. With as much shooting as you do may I suggest that you consider doing a CLA (clean, lube, adjust) once a year?

I send my cameras in--one at a time, of course--usually around Jan 1 when they're not so busy. One week turn-around, and I get a "new" camera back. Shutter & curtain is checked and adjusted, electronics given thorough testing, meter re-calibrated, cleaned, etc. This is pretty much SOP for cameras that get a pretty good workout during the year.

Now that you have purchased a backup body you get to join the ranks of the big boys LOL.

Since my 1Ds is now obsolete I will probably start sending it into Morgantown Camera & Video Repair in the futuer as it will be faster and a little cheaper. I have used them for years with my old Canon F-1N's and medium format film bodies. Their URL is When you get frustrated with Canon, check them out.

That 30D is also a very good camera. Most of the digital Canon's have been incremental upgradeds as their R&D advanced the state of knowledge with digital sensors. But Canon is so darned frustrating with their deaf ears to what photographers really want in their viewfinder and ergonomics. In that regard, I've heard it said the Nikon is a camera built by photographers with their splendid ergonomics whereas Canon is a camera built by engineers.

Now I see the Hassie folks have produced a 50MPx sensor! I can't imagine the detail and size of those files (nor the price I'm sure their going to demand).

That's a great photo of the bunny with a very nice "catch-light" in the eye and sharp focus there as well. Also, I really like what you've done with the hummingbird photos. Do you have a technique that I don't know about or did you mask and fill the background? Last, I really like the fawn in your July 5 post--such a curious/alarmed expression and ears that look almost as big as a mule.

Hope your 40D is returned soon. BTW, I use B&H about 90% of the time and KEH for top notch used gear.


Brad Myers said...

Glad to hear you have a DSLR again, great photos as always.

kjpweb said...

Great to be back on the horse, isn't it. Great shots and I especially love the rabbit with the huge eyes!
Cheers, Klaus

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Willard: So happy your back in action with two great shots. Keep up your great work.

Willard said...


Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated. I hope the weather improves and you get some superb shooting.

The 40D was only purchased last October, so it wasn't time for a check-up yet, but I agree with you 100%. I followed that program with the Canon XL1-s camcorder until it reached the stage that I knew the time to purchase a high def. one was near. Camcorders are particularly trouble prone, and I found this was the only way to get reliable service from one that is shot as heavily as I do mine. I have continued this program with the XL-H1.

I am aware of Morgantown Camera and Video Repair as I had thought about sending some old Minoltas there sometime ago, but then I decided to not repair them. Thanks for jogging my memory and I may use them in the future.

The camera companies like to spoon feed us technology to keep us coming back often to purchase the latest and greatest. This is especially troubling with video as the interchangeable lens cameras are so expensive in the first place.

The method I used on the Hummingbird was inverse selecting the bird and then applying levels to the background until it was black. I tried one of a male hummer but couldn't get the tail selected cleanly enough so I'll have to experiment some more.

lv2scpbk said...

Love both photos but I am partial to that cute little fawn. Come and see my allegators.

EG CameraGirl said...

Glad you were back in action soon enough to catch this one!

Carletta said...

Hi Willard!
I didn't participate today but I had to come by and see what you had. I love these two. The bunny is so cute.
Excellent as always - you never disappoint!

imac said...

Ha camera probs, likewise, my Nikon D50 developed dust in the sensor, after finding out how to clean it up, I decided to upgrade to a D80, having not satisfied with my clean, so will send in for service after I get my new one delivered.

Love your post as always interesting to read and drool over your fine pics.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comments.
Austria's next post now up

Gretchen said...

Glad the camera is back in your hands! Beautiful new photos!

Kerri Farley said...

Glad to see you back in action! As usual your shots are awesome! The fawn and the bunny are gorgeous!!

Tommy said...

Hello from Colorado. Glad to hear you got your new camera. The pictures are still great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback, Willard. Had fun shooting between the rain drops today.

BTW, Contratulations -- I have passed on the Arte Y Pico blog award to you. Your blog certainly deserves this award.


Anonymous said...

Both photos are excellent.

The Birdlady said...

I should say it is performing well - with some expert help from the "equipment" behind the lens!

AphotoAday said...

Great shots -- and you have a super great blog.
Jim at Transient-Light sent me over -- did you know you won an award from him? Congratulations!
Best regards, Don

Misty DawnS said...

You are definitely making the 30D work just fine! I LOVE these photos... they are spectacular!

Tom said...

Nice to see you back in action.... I can only imagine how you must have been feeling without a desent camera...
Thanks for your visit and kind comments Willard.

i beati said...

I'm surely glad you got the camera and these for us sandy mine the 13th computer problems sk

Gemma Wiseman said...

How utterly delightful! The rabbit pic, however, is the one that wins me! The eyes on that rabbit are huge!