Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience With Photography And Video

Today's Featured Video: A tightly edited film showing several species of birds and animals.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience With Photography And Video from Willard C. Hill on Vimeo.

My brother, Coy Hill of Country Captures plans to teach a photography class at Youth Field Days at The Fulton County Pistol and Rifle "Club, this Saturday.

I produced this video, which is just over six minutes in length,to start the photography class. The video is a tightly edited presentation of Pennsylvania wildlife including, a bald eagle, golden eagle, turkeys,bear, squirrels, and of course whitetail deer, and elk. It encourages youth to develop an interest in photography. There are a few scenes of Coy and I in action with the big lenses and a short discussion of how a point and shoot camera is an excellent starting point. After the video, Coy will give some hands-on instructions with different types of cameras and teach some basic photography techniques.

Youth Field Days is designed to introduce youth to the hands-on aspect of the outdoor sports and has courses designed to familiarize the youth with the equipment used, and to promote safety consciousness. There are segments on archery, firearms handling, ATVs, boat, turkey calling, and trapping. Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Andy Carbaugh has co-ordinated this event for the past several years.


imac said...

Sorry Willard, your film just wont play, it gets to the river then stops.
I downloaded to player but still refuses to play.

bobshank said...

Hi Willard! You not only captured some absolutely beautiful video but also an incredible variety of wildlife species. Excellent job! I took James to several of the Youth Field Days here in the Poconos before he got so much into baseball and we always enjoyed the variety of outdoor events. This certainly offers some creative and in my opinion better alternatives to video games that keeps far too many of our youth indoors instead of where the real action takes place!

Tom said...

Hi Willard...
I wish we had such things here.. maybe then people would understand more about the countryside and why some sports are popular.
If someone started a summer camp over here to do with trapping, hunting and handling firearms the police would be told to make arrests and it would be shut down....
Anything to do with 'guns' is now viewed by most folks as 'murders waiting to happen'.. The UK is 'gun' scared.... even air-rifles are frowned upon.... yet the laws are there to allow them. It's just a knee-jeck reaction to them and a complete miss-understanding on why some folks should have them. It seems to be that Farmers and Rich people with land can have then... anyone else wanting them 'must' be criminals.. It really is that bad over here. We have become a country where the goverments think we need to be nannied in many ways.


imac said...

Finally got your video working Willard, thanks for the info.
Thought it most informative and enjoyable all the way through, great work.
I also fully agree with Tom about this Country.

Willard said...

I'm glad it worked imac, and that you enjoyed it. I don't think video on the web is 100% there yet, at least with my connection speed and other issues, but it does work reasonably well most of the time in standard definition mode, so I intend to continue posting some

Also thanks to Tom, and you for your input on the issues!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video. The shots of the elk bugling are amazing. The eagle is beautiful!! Highlighting the different seasons was a very nice touch. Are you working on another dvd set that will be available for us to purchase? We hope so! It is so great to watch video from areas of which we are familiar. Thank you for documenting these wonderful creatures.

Brad Myers said...

Willard, the video is nothing short of fantastic from the footage of all the different species to the editing. You do a wonderful job with these, I also looked at the other videos you added to the right hand column and enjoyed them very much. I hope we get to see some of the behavior next week.

Tom said...

I came back to watch the video... I had trouble last time... though it was my fault not yours.
Willard I really take my hat off to you for how good hat was.. I really enjoyed it... and if thatsyour voice I can only say it is made for such films... sounds like a voice that as drunk some smooth whiskey at one time.. :o)
I also enjoy the music... I am sure this will help to show the young ones they can get great results shooting without actually killing anything...
I'm sure this film will go down well..