Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jacob DeBerti's Tribute To His Father

John DeBerti-Wild About Elk Workshop 2010
 Carol Mulvihill, well known elk enthusiast and outdoor writer attended elk biologist, Jon Diberti's memorial service and was especially touched by a tribute delivered by Jon's son.

Carol graciously agreed to share this with us, so here is the text of her e-mail:

Jon DeBerti, our beloved elk biologist, leaves behind his loving wife Misty and a nine-year-old son, Jacob. The most tender and moving tribute to Jon was delivered at the memorial service, when young Jacob courageously took the microphone and spoke through heartfelt sobs:

 “I just want to say that my dad was very special to me. He loved to take me hunting – especially deer hunting. “He’d want me to wait patiently for a deer to show up, and I’d pester him like heck to shoot the squirrels that were running around the tree stand. I got three squirrels. When we got home, I said, ‘That was great dad, when can we do it again?’ “As you saw in the pictures, I did get my first buck last year on the first day. It was a 6-point. My dad was so happy. It took every ounce of his strength to get into the tree stand, but he did it for me. We waited an hour and 15 minutes for the deer. “He gave all his energy and time to take me hunting.” As he faced the monumental health challenges of his shortened life, Jon kept his family and the time spent with them as his top priority, evidenced by a son who is growing in his image.

Thanks to Carol for giving permission to share this with us. Be sure to read an excellent article by Carol, about Jon DeBerti's career in elk management, which will be published in the May 5th edition of Endeavor News.

Originally published at Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer by Willard Hill.

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