Monday, October 22, 2007

Canadian Thistle

I had to post this to show "Salty" that on rare occasion I do photograph other things than whitetail deer, or elk. Actually I like all types of nature photography and think that few things look better than a good close shot of a flower. Many consider this a noxious weed and it is a problem for sure when it becomes established in a field that is being crop farmed . I think though that it also is an attractive photographic subject both in summer when it is blooming and in autumn when its' life is ended and its seeds have been cast to the wind.

Canadian Thistle


ASHE said...

Great detail on the thistle down! You know, I remember watching slide shows of your pictures as a kid, and I'd love how there'd be about ten pictures of deer, and then out of nowhere a beautiful landscape or macro shot of a flower. I loved how unexpected they were :)

Tom said...

I like this as well, a very good close up shot. Anything to do with nature, will always get my vote Willard

Anonymous said...

In spite of what we think about it, the Canadian Thistle is one of our finest flowers and it does a lot of good in the environment but mankind doesn't much care for it. I like it a lot because it does so much good for the insects that feed on it.

I am like you in that I take the macros of the bees in the flowers and then I do my best to get the finches taking the seeds. This is a nice shot.

Coy Hill said...

Point Taken :) :)

Kerri Farley said...

I have never appreciated thistle... or wildflowers.... or weeds at all until this year.

Nice shot!