Sunday, December 2, 2007

Salty Speaks Out!

Mature Cow Elk: Canon 10D, 70-200mmL, F2.8

In case you haven’t been reading the comments, here is Salty’s statement on the situation. This is his response to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

These elk are “wild” only if one defines wild as being unfenced and free to go where they please. To define them as “tame” would be a misnomer also as no one can control them as one does domestic livestock. If herd control is the objective, then I could support the scientific controlled hunt but as the hunt targets a disproportionate number of the large bulls it simply appears to be nothing more than a “Canned” Trophy hunt. I’m somewhat concerned that the Pennsylvania Game Commissions true objective is to destroy the tourist value of this herd by targeting the large bulls. Not only do they kill them in the hunting season but they also collar seemingly all that they get their hands on. These large yellow collars certainly detract from the viewing value of the animal and from its photographic appeal. The message (propaganda) repeated time and time again in the press proclaiming the “challenge” of hunting these “wild” beasts is simply a case of being “on message” and hitting the “talking points” to sell this “hunt” to the unknowing general public. Just as calling people Japs, Krauts, Viet Cong, Gooks, etc in our recent history was used to make killing people palatable; “Wild” and “Challenging” is used in reference to the elk to sell this “hunt”.

" The Salty Dawg" Dec.1, 2007


Gretchen said...

Beautiful shot.

I have to agree about the elk. When I can get within a couple yards of an elk with a camera, they are not "WILD."

I can also understand the need to thin out the herd though. There's only so much grazing land.

Tom said...

Great words by Salty for sure... turn the selling around and can you imagine the words that would be used them.....
'Standing bamby like in the open' or 'hard faced men intent on blood' 'Head-Hunters awaiting their ill gotten trothy's of death'

They'd sell it to a different tune if it suited them for sure.

Kerri Farley said...

Another beauty!

I hope something changes and the ELK can be protected in some way.
Is there a limited hunting season for ELK?

Willard said...


It is limited by the amount of permits issued and by the length of the season which is one week in all areas but one. This one is an agricultural area and is quite a bit longer.

The population can withstand the amount of hunting currently permitted,(herd numbers remain relatively constant) but it is increasingly difficult for bulls to reach maturity.

In addition, much of the hunting is focused quite near the major tourist areas and I hope that this is changed.