Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brush Or No Brush? The Bald Eagle

This is a somewhat redundant post as the second photograph was published last month, but I decided to post it along with another shot of the same encounter with the bird. I am curious as to other photographers opinion about the branch passing in front of the head in the first photo. Does the branch detract from the photograph, or is it an asset? Does it add a more "wild" aspect to the photo or does it detract from the composition by obscuring important detail?

Any input is appreciated.


Kerri Farley said...

HI Willard, In my opinion, the
2nd shot is more pleasing to look at. But the first shot is still a great shot! I would say any shot of a Bald Eagle - with the eye in such great focus - is a a GREAT shot!! I LONG to take a picture of a Bald eagle as good as the first one you have here. If I could take one like the 2nd shot...I would be in HEAVEN!

imac said...

Both work for me Willard, you have captured the poweful EYE in both, cause you are the Master.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Willard. Both work for me too but I would go with the last clearer shot if I had to choose.

What a beautiful bird this is and fantastic shots of it too.

Brad Myers said...

Willard, I know I like people to be honest with me about my photo so I can learn and do better. With that being said the second photograph is fantastic, and better yet it is a quality Eagle shot from Pennsylvania.

The first photo I would have taken also simply because it is an Eagle, but I feel that the branch takes away from the bird, blocking some of the most important part. I know some people that would be able to remove it in photoshop, I can't, I have tried but I have no photoshop skills. I do not follow suit that the wildlife has to be in the frame without branches, tall grass or other items obstructing the view. It is wildlife and it is in the wild and to me that is just natural.

By the way, you mentioned that you sometimes worry about people getting bored with the same type of photos like I do. I never tire of what you post and look forward to your new post. I enjoy your photographs and learn from your comments enough that I wish you would post more often.

Thanks Brad

Anonymous said...

With the branches being blurry and the eagle's head being so clear, I think it makes for an awesome shot. It's amazing how clear the figure came through the branches!
Both are great shots.
Only saw eagles twice in my lifetime. Both were at the Eagle Watch Station near the Stevenson Dam. That is a beautiful area.

April said...

Wonderful images of the Bald Eagle! I like them both. I don't think the branches in the 1st image detract from it at all - I like seeing pictures of birds in their natural surroundings, trees and twigs and branches and all. Also, you did a beautiful job of capturing the Bald Eagle's remarkable talons!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

willard: How I would love to see one close. Maybe this year it will happen.

lv2scpbk said...

Love these photos of the Bald Eagle.

Just wondering, was it the PA Magazine you got published on? I'd like to check it out. I'm glad you got coverage for your photos. They are great wildlife photos and I know you must spend hours in the woods to get those photos. I'd love to do that, but can't find the time to and not sure I'd want to sit out there by myself.

lv2scpbk said...

P.S. Wanted to say Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

MicheleRF said...

I'm on board with Bradley on this one. While it is great that the eye is in focus there is just a little too much distraction/obstruction for my taste in the first shot. I am fairly proficient with photoshop and would've taken out some of the branches but it's never as good as a nice clean shot like #2.

Tom said...

HI Willard,
In my opinion the second wins hands downs.... but thats not what you asked.. :O)
It as to distract when a branch or whatever comes into shot this way... but it dose not mean it's a reject. I would have been over the moon to have taken the first shot... if that was all I could get. I would also have dabbled in photoshop to remove as much as I could. I think we all tend to show-off what we think are our best shots but it's the bird you are showing that counts just as much.

All the very best my friend

Wiggers World

kjpweb said...

Its all a matter of context. While the odds are better to get a Bald Eagle without obstructions, getting one at all is good.
Others - like the Least Bittern are almost impossible to find roaming around, not somehow concealed by reeds - and it took me 6 full shooting days to finally get one standing in the clear. So I was happy to get the shots I got before with reeds.
Such is nature and we have to make the best of it. Seeing an animal standing free sure is more pleasing, but seeing it at all is rewarding, too!
Cheers, Klaus

Stacey Olson said...

As everyone else has said, both shots are wonderful. I like #1 for the angle, the bird seems to be looking more toward you than #2, but #2 is, as you know a great shot. I think they are both strong images that would stand well on their own. though when paired together i would choose #2. for the lack of obstruction.