Monday, November 16, 2009

Shenandoah Bucks

Buck On The Skyline: Canon 7D-500mm F4

Billie Cromwell and I were at Shenandoah National Park from dawn on Monday November 9th, through mid-morning on November 11th. Overall it was a somewhat disappointing trip. Whitetail activity was good on Monday, but most of the bucks were small.

We did see a large eight-point on Monday evening. There was a large herd of does in Big Meadows along with some smaller bucks. Suddenly the large eight-point pictured below came running across the drive from the nearby woodland and into the meadow. This is the same animal that was photographed by my brother Coy of Country Captures in 2007. One of the photos from that session was featured for the month of December in the Pennsylvania Game Commission 2008 Calendar. The animal was a ten-point in 2007, but while only an eight-point now, he has retained his antler mass.

Canon 7D: 100-400mm F5.6 L

Canon 7D: 70--200mm F2.8 L

While the buck was in the meadow most of the time, the best still photos were taken while he was in or near a small island of reverting meadow between the meadow proper and the main parking lot.


Ranger said...

Good shot bud. Hopefully we can get down this winter for some snow shots.

Brad Myers said...

Trying to make me feel bad, showing this big buck taken the day before I arrived? Just kidding Willard. I still had fun and as always enjoyed the company of you and the others.

I agree with Ranger, I am ready to go back. I am planning a weekend in January for sure and would like to make another day trip by then also. Let me know when you are heading down, Brian Bastinelli would like to make the trip with me.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful animals, Willard, and your photography skills makes them even better to look at.

sweetbay said...

Really beautiful shots!

Peggy said...

He is amazing! I love those big brutes!