Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coy Hill Of Country Captures Speaks Out

Mature Pennsylvania Bull In Winter

Coy Hill of "Country Captures" has posted a tremendous article about the need for a larger No Kill Zone to protect the mature bulls that draw thousands of tourists to Pennsylvania's Elk Range each year. Thanks to measures taken by the Pennsylvania Game Commission in recent years, many of the most flagrant abuses that ocurred in the early years of the hunt have been addressed, but there is still more work to be done.

It seems that many view the magnificent mature bulls as just another trophy to hang on the wall, rather than considering the fact that one person can kill the animal but once, while thousands can view it time and time again. Hunting is still permitted too close to the viewing areas. We need to protect more of the elk that visit the viewing areas, not just the viewing areas and a small buffer zone around them.

The post may be found on the new team blog dedicated to promoting the responsible viewing and photography of Pennsylvania's elk herd, Support PA Elk.


SaraG said...

Great photo, Willard!!
I will check out the link you put on when I get home. Been in Iowa the past week visiting my Grandma!
Heading home tomorrow.

Peggy said...

Although I'm not from Penn, following your blogs makes me feel invested. I would definately be in support of your cause, as I felt the losses as you posted them. It is quite a shame, and I hope that you can do right by the Elk and expand the no kill zones!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo. I love when they raise their heads like that.